Case study

Fuel of Norway - New brand launch

2 weeks

Lightning fast launch


Low TCO and flexible


Fresh brand starting to sell D2C

Fuel of Norway is an exciting new product in the sports nutrition market. Initially, they only sold through retailers but received numerous requests from customers and partners to sell online.

About the project

Think Commerce and Fuel of Norway were introduced to each other by our Visma partner, Cloud Connection. They wanted an online store that was easy to use, quick to set up, and well-integrated with Visma.NET.

The decision was made to go with Shopify, with Think Commerce selected to set up a swift online store to test the market. Fuel of Norway opted for our popular Shopify Kickstart package, which is based on a premium template.

From Concept to Launch

Fuel of Norway needed a solution that could be deployed rapidly without compromising on quality. Our Shopify Kickstart package was the perfect fit, offering a seamless setup process that included everything from product listings to design and online store configuration.

In addition to the standard Shopify setup of products, design, and online store, Fuel of Norway wanted a simple way to showcase their ambassadors and provide nutrition tips for major events. Think Commerce quickly addressed these needs, ensuring that the online store was live within just a few weeks.

Key Features of the Project

1. Speedy Deployment: Using our Shopify Kickstart package, we were able to get Fuel of Norway's online store up and running in record time. This swift deployment allowed them to enter the market quickly and respond to customer demand.

2. Premium Design: Leveraging a premium Shopify template, we created a visually appealing and user-friendly store that reflects the brand’s dynamic and health-focused ethos. The design is both functional and attractive, ensuring a great user experience.

3. Integration with Visma.NET: A seamless integration with Visma.NET ensures that Fuel of Norway can manage their inventory, orders, and financials efficiently. This integration is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and providing excellent customer service.

4. Showcasing Ambassadors: We set up dedicated sections to highlight Fuel of Norway’s ambassadors, providing a platform for athletes to share their stories and endorsements. This feature helps build brand credibility and connects with the target audience.

5. Nutrition Tips and Event Updates: The online store includes a section for nutrition tips and advice related to major sporting events, offering valuable content to customers and positioning Fuel of Norway as an expert in sports nutrition.

Success and Future Plans

Fuel of Norway’s new Shopify store went live within a few weeks, providing a new sales channel that meets customer demand and supports the brand’s growth. The easy-to-manage platform allows Fuel of Norway to update products, share content, and engage with their audience effortlessly.

We continue to work closely with Fuel of Norway, offering support and updates to ensure their online store remains cutting-edge and competitive. The positive feedback and increased sales are a testament to the success of the project.

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