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Majema - Low TCO with Shopify Plus


Ease of use and flexible content blocks

Shopify Plus

Low TCO vs Magento 2

B2B / B2C

Wholesale school and educational provider

After several years with Magento 2, Majema sought stability and lower maintenance costs. The choice fell on Shopify Plus, and we at Think Commerce were tasked with migrating Majema from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus.

From Magento 2 to Shopify Plus

We at Think Commerce had already been working with Majema since 2018, maintaining and updating their Magento 2 online store. While Magento 2 served them well, Majema eventually wanted to move to a platform that was easier to maintain and faster to develop new features. The choice fell on Shopify Plus, known for offering lower costs over time compared to other e-commerce platforms.

About the Project

Think Commerce began the project towards the end of 2020. The initial focus was to create a Proof of Concept for Majema’s key functionalities. They were particularly curious about whether they could customise the checkout in the same way they had with Magento. As is well-known, Shopify has a more restricted checkout process where major changes cannot be made. However, since Majema opted for Shopify Plus, we at Think Commerce knew we could make the customisations Majema wanted. Although we often handle design for our clients, we collaborated with Majema’s own designer to create a completely custom theme from scratch, fully tailored to Majema’s functional requirements. The online store is just one part of Majema’s operations, so there were many requirements beyond a 'standard' Shopify Plus store. We built numerous flexible and advanced templates for content pages that Majema could use to build their online store.

Success went live with Shopify Plus, and they now enjoy a smoother operation where further development can happen more quickly, and Majema’s in-house team can work more efficiently with the online store. We have already launched several new features and templates post-launch, and we will continue to do so in the future.