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SA1NT - re-launch in Europe


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SA1NT is a renowned brand from Australia, known for delivering high-quality clothing for work and motorcycle enthusiasts. Our client was the distributor responsible for Europe, and their existing online store, based on Magento 1, was underperforming in the European market.

The decision was made to move to Shopify, with Think Commerce selected to deliver the new online store.

Transforming SA1NT Europe

We collaborated closely with our client and the head office in Australia to develop the new online store for SA1NT in Europe. This project was not just a technical migration but a strategic transformation aimed at capturing the European market more effectively.

With the delivery of the new online store, SA1NT gained a platform that requires minimal maintenance and is robust enough to support their ambitious plans for the Nordics, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe. The new Shopify store is designed to provide an exceptional user experience, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

Key Features of the Project

1. Enhanced User Experience: We focused on creating a seamless shopping experience for customers, with an intuitive layout, faster load times, and mobile optimisation to ensure accessibility across all devices.

2. Simplified Maintenance: The new Shopify platform reduces the technical burden on SA1NT’s team, allowing them to focus on growth and customer engagement rather than troubleshooting and maintenance.

3. Strategic Design: Working with SA1NT’s designers, we developed a custom theme that aligns perfectly with the brand’s rugged, high-performance image. The design is both visually striking and functionally superior, catering to the specific needs of the European market.

4. Scalability: The new store is built to scale effortlessly, supporting SA1NT’s expansion into new regions and accommodating an increasing product range without compromising on performance.

5. Integrated Marketing Tools: With Shopify’s robust suite of marketing tools, SA1NT can now execute targeted campaigns, leverage analytics for insights, and engage with customers more effectively across multiple channels.

Ongoing Collaboration

Our work with SA1NT didn’t stop at the launch. We continued to collaborate with our client to further develop SA1NT’s presence in Europe and support other brands in their portfolio. This partnership ensured that SA1NT remained at the forefront of the market, with continuous improvements and new features being rolled out regularly.

Success and Future Growth

Since launching the new Shopify store, SA1NT Europe has experienced a significant improvement in site performance and customer satisfaction. The streamlined operations and enhanced user experience have laid a solid foundation for future growth.

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